Track Record

Catalyst Capital LLP was created in 2001 through a management buyout of the European arm of Greenwich Group International. The senior partners of Catalyst have been working together since 1994 and have been managing investments since 1996, and have an average of 30 years’ experience in the real estate industry. From inception, Catalyst has adopted an activist approach to investment and its management.

The team at Catalyst Capital have built up a reputation for innovative financing of major schemes and portfolios whether they be development, existing buildings, loans or in fact a combination of both. Examples are:

Acquiring the development arm of a major supermarket chain. A complex deal with 19 half completed development. Funding package included two major institutions and involved taking on key development executives. 

The funding and subsequent management of a UK public company taken private with financing from two major institutions. Involved a complete whitewash with full regulatory supervision.

The structure and acquisition of a €1 billion headline value loan package in Ireland which involved a complex loan assignment. Catalyst then managed out the loans and orchestrated the consensual handover of the real estate.

A complex multi-faceted development programme in France involving many tenants and short leases converted in to longer fully cost recoverable leases, as well as significantly reducing the running costs. 

Full track record available on request.

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