Catalyst Core Plus European Property Fund

CCPEPF is an Open-Ended Fund targeting sustainable annuity driven income returns to investors.    

The first close in June 2017 saw three investors committing €425m with Catalyst building on a proven fund-raising record to target an €600m fund. 

Target Markets 

Germany, Poland, UK, France and Belgium 

Proven locations in prime cities, and prime locations in second tier cities 

Emphasis on locations where Catalyst has a presence and/or has successfully invested 

Target Investments 

Sectors: Office, Retail, Hotel, Logistic property focus in strategically key locations and inherently sound physical structure and layout. 

Business Strategy: Resilient assets needing slight operational improvement with a strong income profile in established locations which a focused core-plus platform can enhance over a seven to nine year period. 

Target returns: Aggregate 7% total annual shareholder return post stabilization consisting of 90% income. 

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